Topographical Studies 1

Topographical maps emerged as a response to the inherent impulse to comprehend our surroundings, offering meticulous depictions of landscapes through contour lines. Similarly, photography captures the essence of our three-dimensional world in two-dimensional form. My series, Topographical Studies, delves into the landscapes I navigate daily, exploring the interplay between perception, representation, and identity. The images showcased in the exhibition, cutouts of topographical lines, are placed on the studio floor, photographed, altered into abstract shapes, and then photographed again. This process mirrors the transformative nature of landscape and identity, illustrating how they evolve with time and experience, reshaping themselves. These images, sourced from the vibrant landscapes of Puerto Rico and the dynamic mountains of LA, serve as visual narratives of this perpetual transformation, enriching the understanding of the ever-changing relationship between self and environment.

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